How to Make a Yo-Yo case À La Cheap

Short version

1- Find a case from a boot sale or charity shop (or your granny's attic... whatever...)
Here's mine:

Cost me 1.50.

2- Google "packing foam" to find a local supplier who can cut some to size for you.

I used these guys:
they were great!

3- Find a length of metal piping 5cm diameter and sharpen one end.
(I also used 7cm and 4.5cm for Flying Panda and mini motu sized holes)
I could only find plastic pipes, which I sharpened with sandpaper:

I found that I had to go through the sandpapering process before each and every hole.

4- Punch the hole using your full body weight and a gentle twisting action:

5- Slice the best looking "holes" as padding pucks:

Repeat until done...

I am sooooooo pleased at how this came out!

Here it is again, but full of yo-yos:

Hot Dang!

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