"The Mobster" Yo-Yo case

Inspired by the stereotypical mobsters of old...

Its just normal packing foam coated with blue flock, so its nice and soft to the touch:

Admittedly, some of the edges are slightly rough, but i don't think you notice that too much.

It has a full set of padding pucks, also flock coated.

The flock is really nicely stuck on there:

The flock method was a bit of a fluke. I was originally going to try and cover it with velvet but that proved too tricky. It would have looked awful.

Velvet, however was the perfect answer to the top of the case:

You may have noticed the tell-tale strings in the lid.

They hold in the 'secret' compartment divider.

which plugs in like this:

Thus revealing enough space for a buttload of strings and various other bits'n'bobs:

Here it is again but, full of yo-yos

The Flying-Panda hole (at the tip) is the only oversized one. Always comes in handy...
The counterweight, motu, and Busine$$ holes are all the same size, i.e. too small for a normal sized yo-yo, but you can cram an 888 in there.
The rest of the holes are a pretty standard size which can cope with most yo-yos.

packed up ready to go:

The Mobster!

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Logo Drawing By Paul Gumma