I was watching an episode of Kung-Fu the other day and that Caine blokey said something that hit a chord with me:

"A heart full of anger is like a bucket with a hole in the bottom...

...it carries nothing but the promise of emptyness"

He sure is one Kool Kung-Fu Kickin' dude that Caine off Kung-Fu...

30th Oct 2007

The other day, a policeman who was chasing a known violent repeat-offender, directly after another violent assault on a couple (who were out on a date or something), ended up getting suspended for a year for excessive force.

I'll sum it up but feel free to read the whole story here

The criminal who was covered in blood from his victims, ran round a corner and tried to hide, by curling into a ball on the floor.

This is where the camera was, but you couldn't see him when he was on the floor.

next you see the copper come running round the corner after him, sees him immediately and he stops, having clearly cornered the bastard.

Then, you see the cop take a step towards the place you know the guy is, and swing a clean kick in his direction (remember, we can't see the offender on the footage).

The guy was arrested for that evening's assault, and given four months in jail.
He sustained no visible injuries, and required no medical attention, so clearly, this kick had not done any real damage.

Much later, the policeman ended up on trial for excessive force because it had all been caught on camera.
When questioned, the cop said that the perp had been reaching into his shoes, and given this guy's history, it could very well have been a weapon of some sort.
He said the kick was purely a reflex to disarm him.

The judge ended up suspending the cop for a year.

If it HAD been a weapon and he'd ended up getting stabbed, it would have been a whole different story.

Put any human in a situation where their life is in danger, and see how they react! I think this shows restraint on the coppers behalf.
One disarming kick, which left no visible marks, and he's lost his job!

If you're dealing with violent people, you're gonna have to use force.
Its that simple.

Excessive is not one measly kick, when you're arresting a man whose knuckles are covered in other people's blood


The original violent offender said that it wasn't fair that he didn't get any compensation for it.

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relentless you-MUST-get-a-MySpace geeks

bunch of idiots...

hows this for NIMBY:

Kate Barker, the Treasury planning guru, was insistent in her recent report to the Treasury that minor planning applications should not require planning permission and that the development of houses and supermarkets should be made easier to help the economy.

However the Barker household has submitted an objection to increasing the number of dwellings in the village of Thaxted where she lives.

You're a dick, Kate Barker...

so to any groups of travelling gypsies, thats thaxted... THAXTED.
I hear its a lovely place to stay...

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"easy"-open packaging

No Fury this week...

I won one of these yesterday (the middle one):
D.A.L.K YoYos
Only these three were ever made apparently...
I really lucked out there...

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fury as usual

22nd Dec 2006

I was riding my funky moped to work the other day and there was loads of traffic.

So the cars are all just crawling along, and I'm flying past them all down the middle of the road...

As i pass this one car the driver starts beeping at me furiously.

I'm not sure if its because he thought i was a bit close as i went past him or what, but considering that i pass hundreds of cars every day without any problems there really was no need!

I mean what does he hope to achieve!?
should i stop the bike, and wait for him to pass me again and then stick dutifully to his bumper, crawling along with the rest of them?

Clearly this guy is a grumpy bastard (bit like me...) who's probably late for work and is happy to vent his frustrations on anything he can.

You sad pathetic nob-jockey! I hope you drown in your own bitterness.

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10th Dec 2006

Alright then, here's a story that almost made the big vein in my forehead pop.

Kennet (?) District Council (I've never heard of it) has recently started fining people £100 for leaving extra bags of waste next to their wheelie bin to be collected by the binmen, calling it fly-tipping. Thatís pretty harsh in itself really, but then the plot thickens to reveal that the same council has only recently changed from a weekly to a fortnightly bin collection.

So not only are they doing less work with your tax dollars, they want you to pay even more for half the service.
Where are the savings going then?

How would you feel if someone came and chain-sawed your bin in half, and then wanted to charge £100 for using the half they've just nicked!?

It infuriates me how a bunch of nobs in suits can think up a plan this devious just to make a bit of extra cash.
(the same nobs who have been known to spend over £120 000 of public money on biscuits for meetings - but thatís a whole different story)

I would strongly urge any residents of Kennet to dump all their rubbish out the back of the city hall, and then sit back to watch them fine themselves, the greedy bastards

I'd throw a fuckin brick through their window too while I was at it...

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pikeys with prams

7th Nov 2006

Today its cold calling sales people:

They never phone you to plain old sell you something. It always "you have been selected for this exclusive offer", which is never an offer so much as a con.

Free mobile with 1000 free cross network minutes and 1000 texts a month for only £18 per month

except that the minutes are only off peak and the £18 per month only lasts one month then you're tied into an 18 month contract for fifty quid a month...

I really hate them.

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14th Sept 2006

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